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Fast Setting Cement - Quik Rok

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QUIK-ROK is a chemically engineered hydraulic cement which when mixed with water forms a pourable mix who self-leveling characteristics make it an ideal grouting material.  Controlled expansion enables QUIK-ROK® to develop "lock-in" adhesion which can withstand loads in excess of 10,000 psi.  It is designed to set within 15 minutes, even in subfreezing temperatures, down to 20° F.

For exterior applications, Quik-Rok must be shaped / crowned to allow water run-off by troweling. Sealing with an epoxy sealant to the exposed surface is recommended. Quik-Rok will set within 10-12 minutes, the ideal situation is that both the powder and the water are at 70°F. To maintain set time consistency for continuous use, add warm water in cold weather / cold water in warm weather.
Pouring Quik Rok at temperatures below 32 ° F is not recommended regardless of added water temperature. 8 minutes is the maximum time for consistently pour ability. To maintain consistency, batch sizes should be mixed in quantities that will be used in this window of time.
Mixing too late or adding too much water compromises finished strength. If the external application will be subjected to heavy salt-spray or road salt concentration / continuous moisture build-up will increase the risk of product deterioration. Applying an epoxy sealant greatly reduces the affects of water exposure.

1 Plastic Pail of Quik Rok - 52.5 LBS